Kate Hudson’s got the moves

Derek Hough

Derek Hough is impressed by Kate Hudson’s dancing ability.

The 34-year-old actress signed up to practise her ballroom moves with the expert choreographer.

The Dancing With the Stars personality revealed the thespian wasn’t planning on using the classes for her day job, although he believes she can really groove.

“I’ve been working with Kate Hudson a little bit lately for fun—just dancing for fun, giving her some lessons,” he told E! News. “She’s become a good friend and she’s great. I would love for her to do the show, but she would never. She’s fantastic. But I want her to maybe do a guest spot.”

The 28-year-old will be returning to his work on the 17th season on the American show this year.

The program will now air for only one night each week with eliminations taking place on the same night as performances.

“I wanted to be part of this next season in particular because of the new format,” he explained. “That’s going to really change the dynamic of the show and I really want to be part of that and support that.”

Derek’s sister, actress Julianne Hough, won’t be returning to the TV competition however.

The movie star wants to focus on making it big as a film siren.

“I think she has different aspirations and different passions, but she definitely misses dancing for sure,” he confessed. “I want to get her back in the studio though. We’re working and that will hopefully get her back in.”

Derek has toured with the likes of pop star Cheryl Cole and admits he may take time away from reality TV.

However DWTS will always be at the back of his mind.

“You know, there’s definitely people on the show who—regardless if they’re on the current season or not—[that] will always be part of the show,” he commented. “The same goes for me, if I don’t come back at some point, I’ll still always be a part of the show.”

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