Jodie Foster: I didn’t rescue Jamie Lee Curtis

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster denied saving Jamie Lee Curtis following a car crash.

The Halloween actress was involved in a car collision last week in the Venice, California area.

Her friend Jodie was pictured shortly after rushing to the scene to see her distressed friend.

However the thespian thinks it’s funny some people assume she provided necessary help for Jamie as opposed to emergency services.

“There was no saving. I did save the luggage out of the trunk, but that’s pretty much about it,” she laughed to Extra TV.

The Oscar winning star is glad her pal wasn’t seriously injured in the passenger seat.

The person Jamie took her journey with in the black Yukon SUV, which bumped into a BMW, was taken away in a separate ambulance for medical treatment.

“Yes, yes, everyone’s good. Thank god,” Jodie confirmed about the incident.

Jodie stars in Elysium which is released in American cinemas on Friday.

The silver screen regular is amazed at how the mundane things she does in life can make the news.

“It’s funny what happens when people have iPhones and they take pictures of you in compromising places, like choosing pizza at Whole Foods,” she observed. “I actually do choose pizza at Whole Foods.”

Jodie Foster donned custom-made costumes by Giorgio Armani for Elysium.

Neill Blomkamp’s futuristic movie is set on space station Elysium, a refuge from a decrepit planet Earth.

Only the wealthy can inhabit the space station that is ruled by her character Secretary Delacourt.

As their leader, Jodie had to sport suitably luxurious space-age ensembles, which were created by the Italian designer label.

Giorgio says he was only too happy to create a series of suits for the persona in collaboration with the on-set costume designer April Ferry.

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