Joan Hart: I’m not emotional

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart doesn’t get teary often unless she’s pregnant.

The 37-year-old actress is mother to Mason, seven, Brady, five, and Tucker, one, with husband Mark Wilkerson and the Melissa & Joey star has noticed she gets extremely emotional when she’s expecting.

She didn’t even come close to crying at her 2003 nuptials.

“I’m not a super emotional person, except when I’m pregnant,” she told America’s People magazine. “I’ve never been one to cry happy tears — even at my wedding. Mark had tears down his face and I was just so excited to actually get married.

“I’m very in the moment, but both Mark and I really try to relish the baby days because we know how fleeting they are.”

The family have spent the summer on America’s East Coast but will go back to Los Angeles for a few months while Melissa films her sitcom.

Melissa wants her brood to stay away from Hollywood as much as possible, however, so they can live a quiet life.

“Now that we have Tucker, everyone will come out. We tried with me going back and forth and it was just too much — it’s not an easy schedule,” she shared.

“They know Connecticut is their permanent home. I want them to have as much normalcy as possible, to feel grounded and grow roots.

“I love that they go to great schools, take their classes, play with the neighbors and then sleep in their own beds at night. It’s important to me.”

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