Jessica Paré’s acting struggles

Jessica Paré

Jessica Paré “really struggled” before landing her role in Mad Men.

The Canadian actress moved from Montreal to Los Angeles in 2004 for a role in TV series Jack & Bobby. However, the programme ended after only one series and left Jessica out of pocket.

Although she applied for a green card to stay put in the US, the 33-year-old star was anxious when the process was dragged out. It was her audition for secretary Megan Draper in Mad Men which finally secured her future in acting and America.

“I really struggled… what was supposed to take three months took nine. I couldn’t work or travel and any momentum that I had gained from Jack & Bobby just dissipated,” she recalled to Esquire magazine.

“I was ready to move back to my parents’ place, ready to get a job at my friend’s bar back home and just pack it in. I had nothing left to lose. I went into the audition thinking, ‘This is it. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. Nobody else has.’”

Jessica joined the hit show when it first started in 2010. She and the rest of the cast are currently gearing up for the seventh and final season to begin next month.

Speaking to, Jessica admitted she doesn’t know how she’ll cope once her role ends.

“It’s terrible. Horrible. I don’t want it to be over. I think I cry every day,” she admitted.

Her co-star Christina Hendricks, who plays curvy office manager Joan Harris, also revealed she has is struggling to come to terms with the last ever season.

“I probably started being emotional earlier than everyone,” she confessed. “I’m already grieving. I’m just bracing myself – we’re all just savoring every second and appreciating every moment.”

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