1. Hey Jesse- here is my TaiBBQ shrimp kabob recipe.. soooo good and soo easy… Tiger Shrimp.. peel … then marinade in 1/2 Tai Peanut Sauce/ 1/2 BBQ sauce… then skewer… put on grill… (have some of the same sauce in a little bowl and a brush)… skewer and grill 3 min each side.. THEN at the end brush on sauce.. and have a separate one for dipping sauce.. it’s addictive for guys.. seriously.. try it and let me know how it goes.. .perfect for a date.. very light.. Girls love it too.. everyone tells me to bring it to BBQs I’m invited to.. It will make you even more popular than you are…

  2. my cousin is in the Navy, and this is his friend that he served with. Caleb just got out of the Navy. Please check out this song and his other videos on youtube. This U.S. Vet has some talent! Thanks! I love B105! You all are awesome!

  3. hi jesse!!!

  4. hey I just wanted to say that B-105 has ALWAYS been my NO, 1 RADIO STATION I love u chris carr company and of course duke Hamilton!!! I think u all r amazing!!!