Jeff Daniels expected Emmys loss

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels tried to remain “neutral” before the Emmy Awards.

The American actor took home Outstanding Lead Actor, Drama for his role as Will McAvoy in HBO show The Newsroom at the ceremony last night.

Up against competitors including House of Cards star Kevin Spacey and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Jeff didn’t expect to be successful. He was so sure he wouldn’t win after his previous losses that he didn’t get his hopes up.

“I’ve been neutral about this whole thing. I’ve been nominated a bunch of times – Google it – enough to not lean towards it, or hope too much,” he explained to reporters after collecting his prize. “There were six of us nominated, and there easily could have been ten other guys where we were. It’s a really crowded time to be in television, and a great time to be in television.”

Jeff continued to voice his support for the other shows. He believes all the nominees were equal contenders and didn’t think there was a particular frontrunner.

“I felt the work [on The Newsroom] stood up to what the other guys were doing, but we’re all doing different things. It’s anybody’s win. I was happy to win, but surprised because it could have been anyone,” he added.

Now the annual ceremony is over the 58-year-old actor is set to begin work on the eagerly anticipated sequel to comedy movie Dumb & Dumber, which he starred in opposite Jim Carrey.

The movie starts shooting almost ten years after the original film and was almost dropped before Universal stepped in.

“Tomorrow I’m going to get on a plane and start shooting Dumb and Dumber To. The intellectual free fall from Will McAvoy,” Daniels told a room of laughing reporters.

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