Jared Leto: I’m no masochist

Jared Leto

Jared Leto isn’t “masochistic” enough to watch his latest film at the moment.

The actor lost 30lbs. to portray Rayon, a transgender drug addict with AIDS, in Dallas Buyers Club. He is already being tipped for Oscar glory, but is yet to see his performance on the big screen. Although he has attended premieres for the film he hasn’t watched any of it yet and even covered his face and stuck his fingers in his ears when a portion was played during an appearance on a US talk show.

“I am very curious, but also not masochistic. I wouldn’t do that to myself right now,” he told ET Online. “It’s too soon… I think I need some time… It was a very, very challenging, very, very special project. And it’s probably better to get a little time away.”

Jared stayed in character throughout the entire shoot and found filming draining, but also worthwhile. The movie tells the true story of Ron Woodroof, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, who struggled to get the correct treatment after being diagnosed with HIV in 1986 and so turned to smuggling medication.

“It’s wonderful to celebrate a film when it works,” Jared explained. “Most of the time it doesn’t work, ya know? These little movies can break your heart. So when it does it’s really great.”

Dallas Buyers Club was honored at the Hollywood Film Awards last night, which many view as a precursor to the Academy Awards. Both Matthew and Jared took home gongs, with Matthew receiving the Hollywood Actor Award. He took the time to reminisce on his career to date, revealing how proud he is with the choices he has made.

“It’s Actor of the Year, and I’ve thought about that a lot today. The last few years have really been a nice evolution for me,” he explained. “I’ve been able to play some great characters, work with some super directors. And then some of these ones that I’ve done are living on longer after I’ve done them and after they’ve come out… so that feels good to hear them reciprocate back.”

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