James Franco: My selfies are intimate

James Franco

James Franco claims his bedroom selfies are just “an intimate portrait”.

The Hollywood star has fired back at his Instagram critics, insisting he isn’t embarrassed about the images he regularly shares online. He has posted photographs of himself shirtless in bed, which he claims have been misconstrued.

“[They are] very kind of intimate portrait,” he said in an interview on Thursday with Fox News. “It’s not like I’m exposing myself or anything.”

James explained he was just “playing around” with the selfies to see what kind of reaction they evoke from his 1.7 million followers. He sees the images as connected to him, which is why he’s so fascinated by the feedback he’s received.

“[By putting] that intimate space out there it’s kind of this new thing that we’re all getting used to,” he claimed.

The 35-year-old actor has shared a string of bedroom-eyed selfies on his social media account over the past few months. Last December, he wrote an essay in the New York Times titled The Meanings Of The Selfie, in which he admitted becoming addicted to photo-sharing app Instagram while acknowledging claims he’s posted too many selfies on his personal account.

The Of Mice and Men Broadway star caused controversy earlier this month when he tried to pick up a Scottish teenager called Lucy Clode on Instagram. James tried to make light of the furor which ensued by tweeting: “I hope parents keep their teens away from me.”

He later apologized for the incident during an appearance on Live! With Kelly Michael. He said he used “bad judgment” and “learnt his lesson” during the incident.

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