Hugh Dancy’s acting chills

Hugh Dancy

Hugh Dancy felt restricted by the balaclavas while filming Hannibal.

The British actor plays Will Graham in the popular TV show, which is filmed in Toronto, Canada. Shooting took place during one of the coldest winters on record, which made it hard to stay focused on set.

“It was incredibly cold. When the Canadians are complaining that it’s cold, you know it’s bad,” he grimaced to British newspaper The Metro.

“I did feel like moving to Mexico – that seemed a much better option for quite a while. At least we weren’t having to pretend it was midsummer in the show or anything but you are restricted in terms of dressing for the weather: there’s not a lot of acting you can do in a balaclava.”

Hugh, 38, is married to Homeland star Claire Danes and together they have 16-month-old son Cyrus. Despite their hectic schedules, the showbiz couple manage to make their family work.

“When either of us is filming, we’ve been lucky enough that our schedules fall into line, that we aren’t on other sides of the world at the same time,” he explained. “You set broad rules in the knowledge that it isn’t always going to be possible to make sure you don’t spend more than two weeks apart, or whatever. One of the reasons I did Hannibal was that it fitted so well with Claire’s schedule.”

Hugh picks his roles more carefully since becoming a father to Cyrus, although he dreads the time when he will be taking “less voluntary breaks”.

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