Hudson: Charity fulfils dreams

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson gets her “biggest kicks” out of helping other people.

The 32-year-old actress and singer founded the Julian D. King Gift Foundation in 2009 with her sister Julia. The non-profit organization is named after her late nephew, Julia’s son Julian who was murdered along with Jennifer’s mother and brother in 2008.

Jennifer loves devoting her time to charity and helping to benefit the lives of those who need aid in honour of her slain family.

“I’ve been blessed to achieve all of my dreams I’ve ever had to this point,” she explained to Variety.

“So it’s all about making new ones and at this point, I get my biggest kicks off of just helping someone else.”

The Julian D. King Gift Foundation provides Chicago area children with school supplies and seasonal gifts.

Last year the organisation donated backpacks and other academic necessities to 6,800 students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Chicago native Jennifer is committed to setting a good example to underprivileged children.

“Where I come from, it’s always about negativity and who shot who,” she detailed.

“But to show them and to tell them, ‘Well, if I did it, I came from where you came from, you can do it too.’ That is our goal.”

In October Jennifer was awarded with the Samsung Galaxy Impact Award at Variety’s Power of Women event for her charitable efforts.

Her work with the foundation has also been honored with trophies from the Grammys on the Hill Awards and VH1’s Do Something Awards.

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