Howard gushes over granddaughter

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard bonded with his granddaughter over beatboxing.

The 45-year-old actor became a first-time grandfather in December 2012 when his daughter Aubrey welcomed a child with her husband.

And the Hustle & Flow star took a moment on The Queen Latifah Show Tuesday to gush over how he stays connected with the little girl.

“She sees me beatbox on [iPhone program] FaceTime and that’s how she recognizes grandpa,” he smiled.

Terrence also took some time on the actress’ new chat show to show off his musical skills.

Latifah was celebrating her 44th birthday on the show, and Terrence surprised her with a special serenade.

“[It’s] something that’s been clicking through my head,” he told her before he began strumming on his guitar and singing while she clapped along with the audience.

“Thank you so much,” she gushed before reaching over to give Terrence a hug.

The pair also chatted about another reason the actor has to celebrate, as he walked over to kiss his new bride before they began chatting.

Terrence married restaurant owner Mira Pak late last year, according to MailOnline. And while Mira sat in the studio audience, the actor gushed she was his “gift from God”.

Terrence’s marriage to Mira is his fourth.

The Iron Man actor officially divorced from Michelle Ghent in May.

He previously married and divorced his first wife, Aubrey’s mother Lori McCommas, twice before permanently ending their 20-year relationship in 2007.

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