Helen Mirren: Wait for love

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren believes not rushing into love was the “right” decision.

The 68-year-old actress opened up about her love life to Oprah Winfrey in the latest edition of O Magazine and explained why timing was so important in her relationship. Helen is married to 69-year-old film director Taylor Hackford, who she met on the set of White Nights in the 1980s.

“I used to say to Taylor, ‘I wish we’d met earlier on. We’ve missed so much time together,'” Helen explained to Oprah.

“And he’d say, ‘We’d never be together now if we met earlier.’ And I think he’s actually right because we were both on a trajectory of work and ambition and, of course, to a certain extent, wanting to resolve ourselves as ourselves.”

The Academy Award-winning star has been married to Taylor for 16 years, having dated him for 11 years before they tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 1997. In hindsight, Helen says that life was just too busy to have settled down together any earlier.

“Before I met Taylor, all my relationships took second place to my work,” she explained.

“If I had to go to Africa, it was, ‘Bye-bye, I’m off to Africa.’ And then he came into my life, and I started thinking, ‘Maybe it’s time to have a different attitude – and to say that my relationship is at least as important as my work. To give it the time.’”

Taylor has two children from previous relationships, but he and Helen never had a family. She’s previously explained that it was not something she was that interested in.

“It was not my destiny. I kept thinking it would be, waiting for it to happen, but I never did, and I didn’t care what people thought,” she told British Vogue.

“Women never gave me a hard time, anyway, it was only boring old men. And whenever they went ‘What? No children? Well, you’d better get on with it, old girl,’ I’d say ‘No! F**k off!’ ”

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