Hathaway: Just slap me

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway gives critics permission to “slap her” if she ever gets “too cool for school”.

The actress recognizes she has one of the most exciting jobs in the world and hopes she never takes that for granted.

But if she does, she’ll give a pass to those who’d like to set her straight.

“I’m a very excitable person and my life is going way better than I ever thought it was going to go so I still get very hepped up and thrilled about this stuff.,” she told BBC while talking about new film Rio 2.

“And if I ever get bored, and, or, like you know, whatever, too cool for school, or any of those things feel free to slap me,” she said.

Anne was famously targeted in cruel online taunts last year when so-called “Hathahaters” came out of the woodwork to criticize her Academy Awards acceptance speech for best supporting actress in Les Miserables, as well as the dress she wore to the ceremony.

But she’s since moved on, and has the role of a lifetime in mind for her near future.

The star, who married actor Adam Shulman in 2012, hopes to soon start expanding her family.

“Motherhood… I’m really excited to do that. I’m hoping that happens in the next few years,” she confessed.

In the meantime, she doesn’t have a specific movie role in mind. Some of her best parts, including her Academy Award-winning turn in Les Miserables, came as a complete surprise.

And she hopes more of those are in store.

“They find you, you know… and they wind up becoming your friends,” she said.

Anne’s next film, Rio 2, is scheduled for release April 11.

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