Grint: Hire me I’m ginger

Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint thinks his ginger hair should win him film roles.

The British actor rose to fame in the Harry Potter franchise playing young wizard Ron Weasley.

He has since moved on to star in more mature features and believes his distinct locks make him unique.

“There are plenty of blonde and dark-haired actors. Gingers stand out, so they should be hired,” he laughed to

Rupert’s next role is an aspiring porn star named Karl in director Fredrik Bond’s film Charlie Countryman.

With other stars in the movie including Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood, Rupert hopes this gritty new part will change audience’s outlook on him.

“My goal is to do something completely different than Harry Potter. I’ve been looking for things that are completely opposite of Ron, which means that I want to play much more than that great best friend who would lay down his life for you,” he explained

“My goal isn’t shocking my fans. But I do want them to see me as much more than just one role.”

While he is glad to move away from the fantasy movies, the 25-year-old actor does miss spending time with his co-stars. He was just 11 when he began filming alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

“The strangest thing was not having another Harry Potter film to do in the next six months. You look at your calendar and this huge part of your life isn’t there. You know you won’t be seeing your friends. That’s sad,” he sighed.

“[The upside] is that you do have a loyal audience that really wants to see how you’re developing. They will check out your next part because they’re curious.”

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