Gervais bolsters Humane Society support

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is bolstering his support for the Humane Society.

The Muppets Most Wanted star and animal activist took to Twitter on Monday, urging fans to consider the importance of the organization’s Be Creuelty-Free USA campaign.

“Pls support the Humane Cosmetics Act & make the US cruelty-free! Take action for #BeCrueltyFree USA & @humanesociety,” he wrote (sic).

According to The Humane Society of the United States, the campaign’s mission is to push the country to “end cosmetics animal testing and the manufacture and sale of animal-tested cosmetics”.

Similar bans have already been implemented in the EU.

Ricky elaborated on his support of The Humane Cosmetics Act in a press release issued by the organization Monday.

“I’m delighted to help The HSUS’ Be Cruelty-Free USA campaign to end the cruel and outdated practice of testing cosmetics on living animals,” he said.

“Rabbits and rodents forced to endure toxic cosmetics testing in U.S. laboratories, have no-one to speak up for them but us. So I urge all Americans to be their voice, support the Humane Cosmetics Act and make the U.S. the next cruelty-free cosmetics zone.”

Ricky has dominated headlines in recent weeks while promoting his new Muppets movie.

The comedian plays the sidekick of Constantine, the world’s number one criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit the Frog as he plots to steal England’s crown jewels in the comedy.

Ricky has always been a fan of the children’s franchise and recently revealed it’s been a pleasure to work on the project.

“I’m a big kid. I love the magic, the disbelief. I don’t see the humans around them, I see talking animals,” he told British magazine ShortList earlier this month.

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