Garfield: I am not sexist

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is explaining a “sexist” comment he made last week, insisting he was simply misunderstood.

The actor took part in a Yahoo Q&A with kids where he described sewing as “feminine”, something his girlfriend and co-star Emma Stone seemingly took issue with.

When Andrew was asked how Spider-Man got his costume, he responded, “He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it. He took some sewing classes, and some needlework, some pinpoint, needlepoint classes. It’s kind of a feminine thing to do, but uh, he really kind of made a very masculine costume out of a very feminine…”

Now Andrew is setting the record straight about what exactly he meant by the controversial comments, and says Emma is fully aware that he is not a sexist person.

“That was a misunderstanding. I used the word ‘feminine’ and I wasn’t talking about gender,” he told Extra’s AJ Calloway at the New York premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“I wasn’t talking about women. I was talking about feminine energy… you know, we all got feminine energy in us as men, and women have feminine and masculine energy in them as women. I was actually using the word ‘feminine’ in that way, and Em knew that, but she also knew that the young kids in the audience may not have followed that, so she was like, ‘Just make sure you clarify what you meant by feminine.’”

Andrew went on to say that not only was he not sexist, he considered himself to be very feminine. The British star explained that the whole situation was blown out of proportion and he felt misrepresented.

“I know certain publications said I was making a sexist comment and I really didn’t. Anyone who spends twenty seconds with me knows I’m the most feminine man. Sexism is not even a word I know.”

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