Gaga: Money bores me

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doesn’t give a “damn” about money.

The quirky singer’s latest single Applause from her new album ARTPOP has failed to reach Number One in the charts since its release. Despite receiving negative comments about the single’s lack of success, Gaga insists she doesn’t make music for the money.

She also believes most artists focus too much on the financial side of the industry.

“It’s literally not even been two weeks since my first single came out and it’s all, ‘She’s over’, or because I’m not Number One yet, ‘She’s finished’,” she told British newspaper The Guardian. “People focus less on the music and focus more on how the music’s doing; how it’s faring from a numbers perspective, from a financial perspective. If you think I give a damn about money then you don’t know me as an artist at all.”

Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – understands the public enjoy watching a celebrity’s downfall. While she accepts this, she has defended the hard work put into her latest record.

“It gives them a sense of pleasure when they believe that they’ve destroyed me or taken me down. It’s almost entertainment for people to poke fun at Lady Gaga, but at the very same time they have no idea the album I’ve made,” the 27-year-old star insisted. “They have no idea what I put into this; they have no idea the work that I’ve put behind my performances and what I do. In fact, people have no idea what it really took for me to get here. So it doesn’t bother me, it’s just an interesting observation of where we are as a society.”

Gaga opened the MTV Video Music Awards with a performance of her latest single last week and took to the stage at London’s iTunes Festival on Monday.

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