Frizz-free Fassbender

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is glad he’s grown out of his spots and “unfortunate hair”.

The actor is the cover star of the latest edition of UK magazine Elle, making him only the second man to grace the page after David Beckham.

The 36-year-old star is as surprised as anyone to have received the honor.

“I think of myself as, you know, alright. I used to have bad acne as a teenager, so all of this is a bonus now, the fact that I don’t have pimples anymore,” he told the publication.

“And my hair was also, you know, unfortunate. I had really long hair. I mean, I tied it back most of the time, but I had all these frizzy bits coming off the top and whenever I let the hair down, it went like this [indicates big, bushy frizz].”

Michael has spoken in the past about being a heartthrob, as it’s something he can’t get used to. Before he was famous he wasn’t a massive hit with the ladies so is under no illusions about why so many now approach him.

“I’m not oblivious to it. It’s not like I think I’ve become more charming or good-looking overnight,” he laughed. “But, no, I haven’t lost any respect [for women]. I’m an alright judge of character, so you can figure these things out.”

Michael was shot by photographer David Bailey for the spread, which sees him wearing designer outfits by the likes of Armani and Givenchy.

He gazes moodily at the camera in one shot, while another sees him wearing a tweed jacket and black T-shirt as he smiles sweetly.

A film of his photo shoot has also been shot, with Sean Frank on director duties.

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