Fassbender’s musical past

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender was almost in a band called Michael and Michael.

The Irish actor once harbored dreams of making it as a rock star and plays guitar, keyboard and sings in his upcoming movie Frank. He loved making music as a teenager, but was never organized to really try to make it big.

“I wouldn’t call it a band,” he told British newspaper The Guardian. “It was just me and another guy on guitar. We could never find a drummer or a bass player. We never even got as far as having a name. We were both called Michael so we could have been Michael and Michael.”

Frank follows wannabe musician Jon as he joins a band called Soronprfbs, which is led by the title character – an unstable character who constantly wears a giant fiberglass head.

Michael portrays Frank and Maggie Gyllenhaal is his girlfriend Clara and wasn’t put off by having to act opposite someone in a fake, expressionless, head.

“It’s not entirely foreign to me. I’ve had experiences like that in my life,” she deadpanned.

Maggie sings in the release and had to play a couple of instruments too, while on drums is Carla Azar who has played for Jack White in the past.

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