Ellen DeGeneres ‘wants kids’

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres reportedly thinks if George Clooney can “shock the world” by getting engaged, she can change her mind about children.

The talk show host and her wife Portia de Rossi married in 2008, but neither has ever felt the urge for kids. However, it’s been claimed that seeing George give up his bachelor status for his fiancĂ©e Amal Alamuddin has got Ellen thinking, as has having two small girls on her show.

“The girls made Ellen realize that she has maternal instincts. And Portia feels the same way,” an insider told the American edition of OK! magazine. “It seems that they feel something may be missing from their marriage – and that’s the patter of tiny feet! Ellen said that if George Clooney can shock the world by getting engaged, maybe it isn’t such a big deal for them to become parents.”

Ellen and Portia have been blighted by rumors about their relationship, with Ellen even going as far as to slam them on her show.

Although the pair don’t let gossip get to them they are thought to be planning a show of unity for their upcoming sixth wedding anniversary.

“[They] are looking to do something on or around August 16, their sixth anniversary, in Portia’s home country of Australia. They want it to be in Sydney because the city has a big gay population, and they want to help spur the acceptance of same-sex marriage,” the source said.

“It’s going to be something of a second honeymoon, a largely private trip.”

It’s thought the event will be a small affair, with a simple ceremony followed by a dinner party for loved ones.

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