Dina Eastwood confirms daughter’s annulment

Dina Eastwood

Dina Eastwood insists her stepdaughter’s Las Vegas wedding wasn’t a publicity stunt.

Twenty-year-old Francesca, Clint Eastwood’s daughter with former partner Frances Fisher, wed Jonah Hill’s brother Jordan Feldstein in an impromptu ceremony in Sin City earlier this month.

Speaking to Bethenny Frankel for a talk show interview to air December 10, Dina said she thinks “an annulment, yes, is occurring as we sit on this couch”, and explained the pair had no idea their stunt would become tabloid fodder.

“[Francesca] would actually do something like [getting married], thinking that no one would ever find out,” Dina said.

“They don’t get that they are tied to Clint Eastwood or that they have a little bit of success on their own,” she explained.

Dina recalled the moment she got the news. She admitted she was stunned but quickly calmed down and said she has nothing but love for her stepdaughter.

“So [Francesca] calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ Are you s***ting me? Like what are you doing? Get home. I just want to ring her neck, but I am going to hug her, too…

“She’s an adrenaline junkie,” Dina added. “She’s a lovely, smart, amazing person who will do a goof-off at a whim.”

E! News reports Francesca was seen visiting Jordan’s Los Angeles home on Monday.

According to the outlet, neither party had filed for an annulment at press time.

Dina is currently going through her own marital woes.

The Mrs. Eastwood & Company star filed for divorce from Clint last month after nearly two decades of marriage.

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