Cumberbatch: Stop speculating

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is sick of “speculative sh*t”.

The British actor is famed for playing Sherlock Holmes in the UK series Sherlock and also appears in Star Trek Into Darkness.

His fame means his personal life is constantly discussed in the media, which he finds hard to deal with.

“I’m not like Holmes. I don’t have his capacity to compartmentalize,” he sighed to The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

“I’m now haunted with, ‘But he did want children, and now he doesn’t? What’s gone wrong? Is he gay? Can’t he commit to relationships?’ All this speculative sh*t. There’s a point where I just go, ‘I’ve said all I have to say.’”

Benedict’s high-profile roles have won him a great deal of admirers.

While he enjoys the inventive ways fans try to impress him, their efforts sometimes leave him confused.

He’s particularly baffled when he’s presented with a portrait of his own face.

“I’ve kept a couple that are stunning, that are just really beautiful drawings, and the rest I’ve had to give away,” he admitted.

“And I’ve told fans, ‘Look, I’m very flattered, but what do you expect me to do with it? Think about it. Would you want your room surrounded by drawings of you?’ It’s a bit weird.”

Benedict, 37, appears on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s new A-list issue, looking dapper in a smart suit.

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