Cranston’s morbid Breaking Bad picnic

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston says it felt like a “really big, morbid picnic” when he watched the last ever episode of Breaking Bad.

Sitting in a Hollywood cemetery with co-star Aaron Paul and 4,000 excited fans, Bryan experienced one of the most surreal moments of his career.

After five seasons, Breaking Bad reached its grand finale with an explosive concluding episode last year that was screened onto a mausoleum wall for fans and stars alike to watch together.

“It was really emotional for me, watching myself die among the headstones. It was beautiful night, 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone was on lawn chairs. It was like a really big, morbid picnic,” Bryan smiled to Empire magazine.

The success of Breaking Bad, a show that centered on one dying man’s quest to make the purest crystal meth available, saw Bryan win three best actor Emmy awards and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of cancer-stricken chemistry teacher Walter White.

After a spate of TV show appearances, 57-year-old Bryan is back to making movies.

He’s just wrapped filming on Godzilla, alongside Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Juliette Binoche.

The latest telling of the giant monster that wreaks destruction on mankind, due out later this year, wasn’t something Bryan initially got on board with.

“I turned it down. I didn’t think Godzilla should be on my résumé. But my friend Bill Timoney, a film historian, got so excited and gave me, from memory, the history of the series, which is 27 or 28 films.

“I gave it another look and realized it was a different kind of monster movie. They’re usually: ‘plot, monster, monster, plot, run away, run away’. This was not that,” he explained.

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