Cowell ‘can’t call shots’

Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell

Lauren Silverman has apparently warned Simon Cowell she’ll be “calling the shots”.

The socialite is expecting the music mogul’s baby, rumored to be a boy, and fell pregnant while she was still married to Simon’s pal Andrew.

Having managed bands and created super successful shows such as The X Factor and Got Talent franchises, Simon is making decisions.

However, the mother of his unborn child is reportedly keen to make her voice heard.

“Simon is used to being in control in all areas of his life, and he thinks his baby will be no different. But Lauren’s laid down the law, saying she wants to be his equal in the decision-making process,” a source revealed to British magazine Star.

“She’s told him she’s the one having the baby, not him, and that, having been through pregnancy before with her seven-year-old son, Adam, she’ll be calling the shots.”

Lauren has now reached a divorce agreement with Andrew, meaning she and Simon can be more open about their baby.

Simon, 53, is even rumored to be thinking about monikers for the little one, wanting to name their child Eric, after his late father.

However, Lauren apparently wasn’t overjoyed by the speculation.

“She thought it was a sweet gesture, but she wants to be consulted,” the insider explained.

“She has been a mother for years and is panicking that Simon will want to decide everything, from where their child will go to school to what he or she will have in their lunchbox.”

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