Cooper: Fame is nerve wracking

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper says he is still in disbelief about how far he has come in Hollywood.

The 39-year-old has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in American Hustle.

And according to Bradley, it’s all very hard to grasp sometimes.

“To be able to be a part of this kind of thing two years in a row, I mean, I just keep waiting for her to take me away and say, ‘I’m sorry, Sir. What are you doing here?’” he told reporters at the annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon on Monday, reports Access Hollywood.

Although with success comes a very busy schedule, Bradley says he enjoys every minute of it. According to the star, this is everything he ever dreamed of – non-stop promoting and all.

“The way I look at it is, I always dreamed of being in the room with actors like Daniel Day-Lewis and Robert De Niro, so how can I mind being there?” he told W magazine. “If I’m a kid and my whole fantasy is to be part of this world, and then I’m actually doing it with my heroes, shame on me if I complain about having to do an interview on the red carpet. I love Q&A’s. I love talking to people about films. I can do it for hours and hours. Although it is a helluva grind,” Bradley added.

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