Claire Danes craves ‘freedom’

Claire Danes

Claire Danes thinks it’s “sad” people feel the need to conform.

The actress plays unstable character Carrie Mathison in hit TV show Homeland.

In December last year, she and husband Hugh Dancy welcomed their son Cyrus and raising a child has given Claire a new sense of freedom.

“He was making all sorts of very curious sounds, he did not know that he had to keep them in check. How nice,” she smiled to the UK edition of Vogue when speaking about watching her son recently.

“It’s a sad thing that we have to conform – I mean, it’s a great thing to have society, but how nice to let it go.”

Claire, 34, was born in New York, but her actor husband hails from Britain.

Having a different perspective on things has really helped the blonde star in her everyday life.

“That British reserve is so welcome,” she smiled.

“I come from the land of therapy and love it, therapy is great, but Hugh really helped me discover that, a lot of the time, I’m just tired.

“I don’t have to go through this labyrinthine explanation, there doesn’t have to be that much back story. I can just be in need of a nap.”

Homeland’s Carrie suffers from bipolar disorder, making her terrorist-fighting character a rather challenging one to play.

While Claire loves the role, she can see herself moving on some time in the future.

“I’ve been producing people, and doing the show, and being wifey, so my dance card has been full, but I’m ready to do another role now too,” she admitted.

“I love Carrie but we both could use a reprieve.”

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