Ciara: I would dance-off with Janet


Ciara would enjoy a dance-off with Janet Jackson.

The 27-year-old hitmaker is known for being remarkable with choreography.

She credits the Jacksons with being her number one influences growing up.

“Michael Jackson is No. 1 and then his sister Janet is No. 2,” Ciara told People magazine.

The star often draws comparisons to superstar Janet.

While she used to feel intimidated by the comparison she now welcomes it.

“I used to feel weird about being compared to her, but now I appreciate it,” she explained.

Asked if she would entertain the possibility of having a dance-off with the pop star, Ciara said she wouldn’t be able to pass up the opportunity.

“I can’t disrespect the queen, but it’d be a very fun competition!” she proclaimed.

Ciara also opened up about working on her latest album.

The eponymous record marks her fifth release since her 2004 debut with Goodies.

She hopes fans are enjoying her more grown up sound.

“I feel so comfortable in my skin now. It’s very true to me,” she said.

“I was such a little baby [during Goodies]! It was a special time, but I’m in a much more confident and free place now.”

Ciara’s last album was 2010’s Basic Instinct.

Her latest record, released last month, debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart.

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