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Chris Carr & Company is Cincinnati’s Country Morning Show, and Chris, Maverick and Statt will make you laugh, cry and keep you informed. You can tell by listening in for just one morning that they enjoy each other and what they do, and love their listeners!

Chris Carr

Chris is the host of one of Cincinnati’s top-rated morning shows, Chris Carr & Co., but more important, he’s Stephanie’s husband and daddy to Jameson and Landon. Chris and the family enjoy being members of the Cincinnati Zoo and Cincinnati Children’s Museum. Chris is a spokesperson and a volunteer for dozens of local and national charities and will always offer a hand in the community when asked. He’s been seen doing everything from removing fallen trees after a severe storm to volunteering for the United Way to helping local food pantries reach their goals. Just like his co-hosts Maverick and Statt, Chris does a lot of work in the Tri-State area both on and off the air.

Jason “Stattman” Statt

Jason Statt was born in Cincinnati, and while his on-air personality is certainly silly and fun, he also has a kindhearted and gentle side. His love for life, his family and coworkers is contagious on and off the air. Married to Kayla, Statt has two beautiful young daughters who keep him busy when he gets home from the station. As an ordained minister, Statt gets to tie the knot for friends and listeners on occasion, and his tireless energy keeps him going at every station event.  One of his passions is to visit local schools once a week to read to children, a skill that didn’t come easily for him when he was younger, but the experience has proven to be a positive example today.


Maverick’s been in Cincinnati radio pretty much since the town got its first antennae. He’s been married to Paula, whom he refers to as “my Paula” on the air, for more than 10 years and is a new grandpa to baby Skylar. With his daughter in the military, he and Paula get take care of little Skylar while mommy is on duty and Chris and Statt often comment on the bags under his eyes after one of those nights. Maverick was best known for his outstanding traffic reports until two years ago when he joined Chris and Statt in the studio and really came out of his shell. Maverick has a quick wit, a jovial laugh and, like his morning “brothers,” is always willing to lend a hand. After Maverick and Paula lost their son, Willy, in 2009, their story has helped generate huge support and awareness for local Life Support programs and events. In fact, Maverick is now one of the national spokespersons for The National Marrow Donor Program.

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