Chris worries about movie career

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has confessed to having fears about his A-list Hollywood career.

The Rush star has shared his personal phobias in Details magazine, where he was open about what he is scared of career wise.

The Australian actor was a household name in his native Australia when he played Kim Hyde on TV series Home and Away up until 2007, but his Hollywood career took longer to launch.

“The biggest thing is, you worry about being boring. No, no, no. The fear is: ‘Why did it happen so quickly?’ Then you go, ‘What’s the catch?’ Or, ‘Am I gonna be found out? Am I any good?’

“The preparation is something I do obsessively, because the fear of being caught out is the worst for me. You spend so long having your hand up, saying, ‘C’mon, c’mon—pick me!’ there’s a fear of saying no to things. It’s bred into you,” he explained.

He’s also confessed to being pickier with the roles he takes, and says his new found A-list status means he has more control over his projects.

Fears that work could dry up also forced the 30-year-old actor to work flat out over the last few years, but he has said now’s the right time to take a break with his wife Elsa avd their daughter India Rose.

“There’s a brief pay out, and then the bar shifts again. I think that’s human nature. It keeps you moving forward, but it needs to be tempered a bit, too.

“I’ve been working solidly for a couple of years now, to the point where I have to slow down and spend some time with my family,” he said.

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