Cher: Politicians are cancerous


Cher thinks “evil” politicians are taking over the US government.

The singer is disgusted with the current state of US politics as the government remains shut down over an ongoing dispute over funding bills and healthcare reform.

She took to Twitter Saturday, insisting that never in her 67 years has she seen such a lack of critical thinking among elected leaders, whom she dubbed “T-hadists”.

“Im 67 Yr old Amer.citizen, Lived through 11pres. Entertainer, Activist,Philanthropist, mother & if T-Hadists think i will Stop Shedding light on them & their sociopath ,Egomaniacal,hostile takeover of my country …they’ve lost what’s left of their minds !” Cher fumed (sic).

The star is concerned the political tug-of-war will continue in Congress until American citizens make their voices heard.

She urged her 1.8 million followers not to accept the “cancer” she feels is growing in the capitol.

“They Won’t Stop until THEY Bring this Country 2its knees,or they R STOPPED. If a Body is Riddled W/CANCER U Cut it out.” she continued, adding a call to action: “When I was Young we Had Demonstrations,WE MARCHED AGAINST EVIL!! I NEVER THOUGHT REAL EVIL WOULD COME FROM WITHIN USA.”

Cher’s rant comes just one day after actress Melanie Griffith called for the removal of American politicians in Washington, D.C. as frustration mounts and more federal offices are shuttered.

“[The politicians] should all be fired, that’s what I think,” she said, giving President Obama a pass.

“I didn’t mean to fire the president though, he’s awesome,” she said.

Samuel L. Jackson also spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the issue earlier this week.

The actor called the shutdown “shameful” and “un-American”.

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