Cher enjoys turning heads


Cher loves making people jealous.

The 67-year-old singer is showing no signs of slowing down and released her latest album Closer to the Truth in September.

She enjoys her youthful looks and attracting some green-eyed glances from others.

“I love showing off my body, because I’m very proud of it,” she assured German newspaper Badische Zeitung.

“Instead of being embarrassed and hiding away, I’ve always picked outfits that show it off and prove that I’m a strong, sexy woman. That’s what I’ve got going for me and I’m obviously going to use that. All that aside, it’s great to get admiring glances and even some looks of jealousy. I also enjoy irritating people!”

Cher admits that growing older is “dreadful” for her.

Prior to her latest record, the star hadn’t released anything since 2001’s Living Proof.

“It’s been 12 years since I released an album? I thought it was only 11?” she marveled when asked why she’d decided to release the new record now.

“Really? I honestly didn’t realize it had been that long. It might sound stupid, but the truth is I had forgotten how long it had been since I’d last made music. To answer the question: My manager was approached and asked if I fancied giving it another go. I would never have come up with the idea by myself. I just assumed my farewell album would be exactly that.”

Cher still enjoys hitting the dance floor occasionally.

However, she admits it’s more difficult now than it used to be.

“Wherever you go, someone’s trying to take your picture. They’re usual terrible photos, which then make it onto Twitter or Facebook. This makes it harder for me to go out,” she revealed.

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