Chelsea Handler’s ‘British sensibility’

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler thinks she shares a “similar sensibility” with British people.

The American comedian will be performing stand-up as part of her Uganda Be Kidding Me tour at the Palladium in London on July 12.

And Chelsea feels at home in the UK because the star is convinced she is very British at the core.

“This is going to be the last of my stand-up tour for a long time. I’m ending it in London,” she told Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

“I’ve never performed in London so I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ve always felt British because I like to take the p*** out of people — it’s a similar sensibility. I love the UK.”

Chelsea is also a fan of drinking traditions in the country and the funnywoman confirms she’ll be downing lots of pints during her stay in England.

“I’m not a tea drinker — I use that time to drink alcohol,” she quipped. “But I’ve had iced tea and alcohol so there’s no reason why I couldn’t have hot tea with alcohol.”

Although Chelsea’s a huge fan of the UK, she is not so well-versed on British celebrities.

“Yes, I had Katie Price on [my former TV show Chelsea Lately in 2009]. I would be lying if I said I remembered that interview or remember exactly who Katie Price is,” she said.

Chelsea is also not a huge fan of fellow comic Russell Brand.

“He was a huge pain in the a**. But I don’t think that’s new information,” Chelsea recalled.

“I’d never want him back. I recall him needing three espressos before he came out and he delayed the show from starting on time, which I really hate. If there’s anything I’m good at, it’s punctuality.”

After ending Chelsea Lately, the comedienne is now hosting a series for Netflix.

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