B105 Salute 12/3/14

Today’s Salute to the troops comes from Mrs. Roberts kindergarten class at Lynchberg-Clay Local. Parents, teachers and principals we want to here your group of kids.  Click here, it is easy to do. Read More »

B105 Salute 11/25/14

Today’s Salute comes from Miss Jennifer’s class at the East Butler YMCA in Fairfield Twp.   Parents, Teachers and Principals, We want to hear from your group. Click here to learn how. Read More »

B105 Salute 11-21-14

Todays Salute to the Troops comes from the Lynchburg-Clay El. Preschool. Parents, Teachers and Principals we want to hear your kids.  Email a recording of them to Salute@B105.com   Read More »