Amanda and Jesse Podcast 7/31/18

Jesse talks about his trip to The Wilds in Cumberland, OH. Giraffes, rhinos, camels, and more! (pictures below)  Also, Amanda wants to know the weird things your dog has eaten.   Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 11/15/17

Amanda called out our boss on the air and he came down to the studio to confront her about it. Jesse gives Amanda an update on his washing machine and whether she can destroy it or not. Plus, we tried making a Pop Tart with cheese in the middle. Read More »

Weight A Minute: Bikini Season

Date: 6/13/17 Weight: Down 115 pounds What scary words…bikini season. Honestly I can say I’ve never looked forward to that. Not only have I hid from swimsuits most of my life (I’ve been a shorts & a tank top sort of gal), I only just started wearing tank tops in public in the past few years. I’ve spent so much ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Wednesday Meals

Date: 4/26/17 Weight: Down 112 pounds Here’s a walk through everything I’m eating today. Right now I’m hovering around 1,800 calories a day and I’m doing some carb cycling. Basically, trying to figure out how my body is reacting to carbs…and finding the right combination for success. I was plateaued for week, then went carb free the past 4 days ... Read More »

Keith Urban Handed A Fan His Guitar To Play

Keith Urban was playing the first of two sold-out shows in New Hampshire this past Saturday, July 2, when he spotted a pair of concert-goers holding up signs. One sign, held by a young woman, read, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday!” and had an arrow pointing to the other sign, held up by her boyfriend. His read, “Can I play your ... Read More »