The Big Dave Show Podcast

Big Dave’s Cat Left A Trap

Big Dave’s Cat Left A Trap. While Dave was in the shower he heard the noise every cat owner dreads, hairball. He couldn’t find it so he called his wife to warn her, hilarity ensued. Read More »

“What If” Kane Brown Called The Big Dave Show?

Kane Brown called into The Big Dave Show.  He has one of the deepest voices in country music.  So we thought it would be funny to have him sing lyrics from the 2017 CMA Female Vocalists songs. Kane Brown will be Touring with Chris Young and coming to the BB&T Arena at Northern Kentucky University Thursday, January 18, 2018 at ... Read More »

John Matarese: Gas Stations Holding Your Money Hostage?

WHY ARE LOCAL GAS STATIONS NOW HITTING DEBIT CARDS WITH A $125 HOLD….FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS? If you ever use a debit card to buy gas, you may be familiar with stations temporarily holding $25 or $50 of your money, just to make sure you have enough funds to pay for your fill-up. But now some are holding $125 or more. Read More »