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Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Back To School Food Survey

BD: “My favorite was Sloppy Joes too!” Caller: “No I Said Pizza!” BD: “Yes, Sloppy Joe” And Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. THURSDAY 08/16 1) THE POP SINGER THAT WON THE GOLDEN GLOBE FOR HER PORTRAYAL OF EVA PERON IN “EVITA” IS TURNING 60 TODAY. WHO IS SHE? (MADONNA) 2) JAMES CAMERON IS 64 TODAY. THE FIRST FILM THAT JAMES ... Read More »

Chelsie’s Husband Was Attacked By Bees!

It’s kind of ironic seeing as Chelsie works for a radio station named “Bee” 105. Chelsie’s husband was cutting the grass and was attacked by a swarm of ground bees. We got some tips for how he can remove them but not sure if the yard will survive the explosion…. And stick around for Chelsie’s Not As Naughty As It ... Read More »

What Was Your Favorite School Lunch?

With all the kids going back to school it got us talking about our favorite lunch served in the cafeteria. Rectangle pizza? Sloppy Joes? Some of the calls we got reminded us that cafeteria food wasn’t all that bad. Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Scooby-Doo Birthday Message

“Press 1 for your celebrity Birthday greeting from… Scooby-Dooby-Doo!” And stick around for Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. WEDNESDAY 08/15 THE BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION 1) THIS 2004 MOVIE FOLLOWED A TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM THAT WAS COACED BY BILLY BOB THORNTON. TIM MCGRAW ALSO CO-STARRED IN THE FILM. WHAT WAS IT? (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) 2) ZAC EFRON AND ... Read More »

Chelsie Had A Little Lamb Problem

Imagine trying to show your dog at the Fair and a lamb won’t stop yelling in the background. That’s exactly what happened to Chelsie’s Son and it was hilarious. And a Special Mila Kunis 35th Birthday Edition of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge TUESDAY 08/14 1) MILA’S CURRENT MOVIE IS CALLED “THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME”. WHAT IS THE NAME ... Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Fooling Dad About School

Will we be able to convince this dad that his kids school started a week early? And Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. MONDAY 08/13 1) THE FOURTH SEASON OF THIS “BREAKING BAD” PREQUEL BEGAN LAST WEEK ON AMC. WHAT IS IT CALLED? (BETTER CALL SAUL) 2) KENNY BAKER PASSED AWAY TWO YEARS AGO TODAY. BAKER CO-STARRED IN THE FIRST SEVEN ... Read More »

Kids Won’t Dress-Up For School, What Would Scarecrow Do?

Our co-worker Debbie who we call “Jerseylicious” has 2 daughters that have no intrest of dressing up for school. She says they look like hobos on a daily basis. She wants them to step it up a bit so we asked “What Would Scarecrow Do?” And we call the Big Bone Lick Double Drive-In! Read More »