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Dressmaker Wants To Come To The Wedding. What Would Scarecrow Do?

Our friend Danielle is getting married this spring. The woman working on the wedding dress has kind of invited herself to the wedding and reception. It’s a small wedding and Danielle didn’t know the seamstress till they met at the bridal shop. She definitely doesn’t want the dress-maker at the wedding but doesn’t know how to tell her. So we ... Read More »

New To Country, Meet Devin Dawson

Twenty-eight years old and from Orangevale, California, Dawson grew up just outside the gates of Folsom Prison. He heard the sirens at night, and sang along to Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Just out of high school he played bass in a touring death metal band. Check out Devin Dawson in action, here is his ... Read More »

New Wyler Service Gives You A New Car Every Month…. Is It Worth It?

NEW JEFF WYLER SEVICE LET YOU GET A DIFFERENT NEW CAR EVERY MONTH….IS IT WORTH IT? Next time you go to buy a car, the dealer may ask you if you want to buy, lease, or subscribe. Subscribe? That’s right: The auto buying wave of the future may be getting a new car for every season.  John Matarese investigated. Read More »

Boyfriend Refuses To Shovel Snow, What Would Scarecrow Do?

Gale’s dog Alfie doesn’t like to do his business in the snow. Gale’s boyfriend keeps saying he will shovel an area for Alfie but has yet to lift a finger. Gale doesn’t want to be a nagging girlfriend and needs advice on how to motivate her boyfriend. So we asked “What Would Scarecrow Do?” Read More »