The Big Dave Show Podcast

StattMan Took On The Hobby Lobby Challenge

A new viral photo trend appears to be wearing on the nerves of some Hobby Lobby employees. People on social media have been sharing pictures of them taking an impromptu photo shoot in the craft store’s plastic flower aisle, with the finished product appearing to look like it was professionally taken in a garden. It’s being called the Hobby Lobby ... Read More »

Oscar Worthy Song Of Famous Movie Lines

It’s Write A Song Wednesday! With the Oscars coming up Sunday we decided to create a song full of all our favorite movie lines. We took calls and comments of popular movie quotes and gave them to the B-105 House Band. Here is the song. Read More »

She Saved 80 Cats From The Flood

The Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue in New Richmond had the flood waters come right u to their front door. Ollie Valentine Darnell stayed with all the cats through the rain and watched the water rise. We called the Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue to see if they needed anything. If you would like to help? Click on the kittens to donate. Read More »

Toys R Us Closing Sale: John Matarese Found A few Deals, Many Duds

The store closing sales have begun at 180 Toys R Us stores closing this Spring. And that may not be all of it: the Wall Street Journal reports they could close 200 more in 2018, which would be half of the company’s stores. But before you rush over to grab some toy bargains at closing stores, we have a caution ... Read More »