Weight a Minute

Weight A Minute: Monday Meals

Date: 4/24/17 Weight: Down 112 pounds (!!!) Here’s a walk through everything I’m eating today. Right now I’m hovering around 1,800 calories a day and I’m doing some carb cycling. Basically, trying to figure out how my body is reacting to carbs…and finding the right combination for success. I was plateaued for week, then went carb free the past 4 ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Workouts

Date: 4/18/17 Weight: Down 109 pounds   I’ve been asked a lot about my workouts, so hopefully this answers some questions! I lost the majority of my weight just doing cardio. Lots of walking and that turned into running. And honestly, that’s still my favorite way to workout. I love to walk and hike. And I really think that’s the ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: What You Can Accomplish in 3 Months

Date: 4/5/17 Weight: Down 108 pounds I hesitated posting these photos. They’re not really my most flattering pics, but they do show results of 3 solid months of hard work. These were taken post workout in a back room at my gym. Sweaty, bad lighting, no sucking in, just progression photos. I wanted to share these because it shows how ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Bad Days

“You can’t appreciate the good days without the bad ones.” That’s so true. And let me tell you, on a weight loss journey…you’ll have your fair share of bad days. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. But it’s so worth it once you meet your good days. Today was a bad day for me. At least as far as weight loss goes. ... Read More »

Weight A Minute: Workplace Temptations

Date: 3/16/17 Weight: Down 105 DISCLAIMER: I’m not a nutritionist or an expert. My advice is based on my own weight loss experience. Resisting temptations while at work is HARD! Whether it be free snacks or offers to grab food you know will derail your diet. Rule number one is to be prepared! Just in the past few days, here’s ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: New Milestone!

With patience, perseverance and hard work…you can make big things happen! After being in a weight loss plateau for a couple years, then gaining some weight back last year…it’s been a while since I’ve had that euphoric feeling of going down a pant size. I was going to wait until I hit my next mini goal before I dared try ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: Food Prep Video

Here’s a peek of some of my meal prep from our Facebook page… Amanda's meal prep Posted by Amanda and Jesse on B-105 on Saturday, March 4, 2017 -Amanda amanda@b105.com     Read More »

Weight a Minute: Goals

Weight: Down 103 Date: 3/3/17 It’s always a good idea to have small goals. My goal right now? Lose 7 pounds, get a new pair of fancy yoga pants. 7 more pounds will put me at my lowest weight ever, but it’s still attainable. Looking at losing a giant number is so scary and seems unrealistic. At my biggest weights ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: Calories Count

Weight: Down 103 Date: 3/3/17 I’ve always hated calorie counting. I really never felt like I was doing it right or knew how many calories to eat. Except now…I’m counting again! Well, with the advice from my doctor. Last year I started doing a lot of strength training at the gym, and my trainers told me I needed to not ... Read More »

Weight a Minute: Backstory

Hi! I’m Amanda Valentine, and I’ve battled with weight issues my entire life. Since I was 6 or so I’ve been overweight/obese. I’ve always kind of been labeled that “fat, funny friend” …which I really feel like I developed my sense of humor as a coping mechanism from being so uncomfortable with my weight and appearance. I always wanted to ... Read More »