Amanda & Jesse

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 2/15/18

Amanda asked our boss if we could play “Nine to Five” by Dolly Parton for Valentine’s Day. Get it, Amanda VALENTINE? Sooo, anyways, he said no. So she challenged him and he said we could ONLY play it if we g0t 250 B-105 app downloads during our show. Listen to find out what happened! Read More »

Jesse’s Valentine’s Day voicemails

Jesse wore a shirt all day on Valentine’s Day that said “I’m Single, Call Me” and it included a phone number. We checked the voicemails that were left. Here’s all of them, including some ones we didn’t put on the radio.   Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 2/14/18

Amanda says Jesse’s online dating profile needs help in one major way. Also, she asks Jesse for his opinion on a gift she’s thinking about getting her husband for Valentine’s Day. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 2/13/18

Amanda found a love spell that Jesse can cast on someone and eventually, it should bring him true love! We talk about our experience at Jungle Jim’s “Big Cheese Festival” and Jesse almost walked out of a movie this past weekend. Sitting at the judges table at the Big Cheese Festival! Read More »

Weight a Minute Podcast: Weight a Minute Live Episode Five

Tim, Mandy, and I discuss our weight loss struggles and goals for 2018. Chris was out sick, and Mandy discussed her recent health issues. We discussed our motivation to go to the gym, low carb diets, and made zucchini and jackfruit recipes. Every Monday night at 7:30pm Eastern we’ll be on Facebook Live discussing our weight loss and healthy lifestyles….this ... Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 2/12/18

Amanda has found a spell that Jesse can try to cast on someone that will make them fall in love with him. She tells him which ingredients he needs to go buy. Also, we have our final round of “Galentine’s Day Theater” and Jesse tries the “egg challenge” with his dog Jackson. Here’s video of Jackson attempting the “egg challenge.” ... Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 2/9/18

In anticipation of the opening ceremonies, Jesse attempted to go figure skating at the Fountain Square ice skating rink. Find out what happened. Also, Amanda was on WCPO channel 9 talking about her weight loss journey and her methods for meal-prepping. And, we re-enact another classic chick flick for “Galentine’s Day Theater.”   Jesse celebrating the majesty of the opening ... Read More »