Amanda & Jesse

Pound This Podcast: I’m Not Perfect

I’m not perfect, no one is. When we start letting go of the idea that we need to be is when we start making real progress. Saddle up, I cry in this episode. Find my Instagram HERE! You can listen to this podcast here on the B-105 website, the B-105 mobile app, iTunes, PodcastOne or your preferred podcast app. Read More »

Pound This Podcast: Catherine Anthony – Dinner Made Simple

Catherine Anthony is a registered dietitian that provides tasty, simple, healthy and affordable dinner recipes on Instagram. In this episode get some inspiration to get creative with your meals! (The stuffed sweet potato recipe has changed me!) Find all of her great dinner ideas on Instagram HERE! Find my Instagram HERE! You can listen to this podcast here on the ... Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/23/18

We had plans to light Jesse’s couch on fire at a wedding reception but there was one thing that prevented that. Also, we talk about weird smells we like and take some interesting phone calls. Read More »

Pound This Podcast: Rachel DesRochers – The Importance Of Gratitude And Community

Rachel DesRochers is one amazing woman! In this episode we discuss how Rachel let a complete stranger (me) come to her house to discuss food and body issues, and the importance of gratitude and community and how she’s actually doing something about it. Find Rachel’s Grateful Grahams HERE!  Incubator Kitchen Collective & Kitchen Convos Podcast HERE! On Instagram HERE!  Find ... Read More »

Pound This Podcast: The Dangers Of NOT Exercising

I’ll be speaking at Miami University on November 14th, gearing up for that event I’d like to share this episode of the Reframe podcast from the College of Education, Health and Society on the campus of Miami university in Oxford, Ohio. Everybody knows that exercise is good. But that is not the whole story. It’s not just that exercise is ... Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 10/19/18

Jesse’s been having something weird happen to him in his new truck. He explains. Also, we talk about the new creepy show on Netflix that Amanda likes but Jesse is having a hard time watching. Read More »

Pound This Live!

First ever live taping of the Pound This podcast! Join me Thursday, November 1st at 8pm at Memorial Hall for the first Cincinnati podcast festival! FYI, tickets are $30 for the festival. Snag those tickets HERE! Read More »