Amanda & Jesse Podcast

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 1/2/18

Amanda discovered over the holiday that she’s just one of MANY of her family members who hates the sound of people eating. Jesse blew his diet over Christmas. And we talk about using webcams for our pets.  Read More »

EXTRA: 2017 Flashback: Luke Love Stories!

We play a round of “Luke Love Stories” where Amanda reads a line from a Luke Bryan song or a romance novel and the listener has to guess where it came from. Also, Jesse had a mouse put down his shirt to conquer his fear and he screamed pretty loudly.  Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/22/17

Jesse admitted to Amanda that he’s been messing with his dog lately by making cat noises. His dog doesn’t know what to think. Then Amanda tells him that there’s actually an app you can get with all kinds of cat noises. Plus, we have a co-worker try egg nog for the first time and give her reaction.  Read More »