Amanda & Jesse Podcast

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/28/18

Amanda’s got her big photo shoot with Women’s Health magazine coming up this weekend and needs help making a decision with one part of it. Also, Jesse is beyond excited about the reboot of Roseanne! Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/27/18

Here’s how Jesse’s weekend went at a bachelor party in Nashville. Also, Amanda’s got an update on her Women’s Health photo shoot and an interesting app she heard about. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/26/18

Jesse’s not a big drinker but he got invited to Nashville for a Bachelor party for a good friend of his. He talks about his plan to avoid getting TOO crazy while down there. Also, Amanda got a spray tan and it’s catching people off guard. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/23/18

Apparently some people LOVE black licorice. Neither of us do and we’re baffled by it. Also, Amanda likes a special type of utensil at home and she found a couple at our company’s quarterly luncheon! Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/22/18

Jesse is going down to Nashville this weekend for a bachelor party. But there’s a dilemma and he’s not sure how he’s going to handle it. Also, the internet has a new, dumb thing to debate the color on. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/20/18

Jesse has had throat pain for the last couple days and he can’t explain it. Also, he had a friend who he met a few weeks ago spend the whole weekend with him. We explain. Plus, people with Apple Watches have been accidentally calling the police recently. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 3/16/18

Jesse admits he does this one thing every night before going to bed. It’s a little strange. Also, an update on our “March Dadness” bet and Amanda talks about her upcoming for shoot for Women’s Health magazine. Read More »