Amanda & Jesse Podcast

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/20/18

Jesse just recently realized he’s been saying a certain word wrong his whole life! Find out what it is. Also, Amanda thinks the gift she’s giving her Mom for Christmas is risky. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/18/18

Amanda asked her husband to give her an honest opinion on something and when he did, she felt bad. Find out what the question and answer was! Also, a man quit his job at Walmart over the PA system and we have the audio. Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/17/18

Jesse was surprised to see where his Amazon package was delivered to at his house. Also, Amanda is starting to feel sick. And, Carnival announces they’re putting a roller coaster on a cruise ship! Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/12/18

Something scary happened to Amanda while she was walking her dog the other day. Find out what happened and listen to what a Sheriff’s Deputy suggests she do in the future. Also, black Christmas trees are now a trend? Read More »

Amanda and Jesse Podcast 12/10/18

Jesse told his neighbor’s about the damage his dog did to their fence (see fence damage below). He shares what their response was. Also, Amanda is scared of a workout class she signed up for over the weekend. Read More »