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Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Geography Trivia With Johnny Shadow

“Name the 2 states that start and end with the letter A” And stick around for a special Angelina Jolie edition of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. MONDAY 06/04 THE ANGELINA JOLIE 43RD BIRTHDAY EDITION 1) JOLIE PROVIDED THE VOICE FOR A SEDUCTIVE LIONFISH NAMED LOLA IN THIS 2004 HIT DREAMWORKS ANIMATED MOVIE. WHAT IS IT? (SHARK TALE) 2) WHAT ... Read More »

Should StattMan Sell His Garage Sale Treasure?

So while at the B-105 World’s Largest Garage Sale StattMan’s daughter found a birdcage she wanted. Jane is going to get a bird as a pet and found a cage for $60. After they got home with the birdcage they looked up how much it’s worth. They found out it’s worth around $1,600! So what should they do now? Put ... Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Weird Elvis Collectibles

“Do you have any Collectable Waffle House Elvis Presley Placemats? One without any grease on it?” And a special ‘Seinfeld’ Edition Of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. THURSDAY 05/31 THE SEINFELD EDITION (DEBUTED AS SEINFELD CHRONICLES ON NBC 28 YEARS AGO TODAY) 1) KRAMER’S FIRST NAME WASN’T REVEALED UNTIL THE 97TH EPISODE OF THE SHOW. WHAT WAS IT? (COSMO) 2) ... Read More »

StattMan Wore Flip-Flops To Get Out Of Doing Work

StattMan changed his shoes before going over to his friends house. Tony has a serious construction project going on and Statt didn’t want to help. He put flip-flops on so he didn’t have to lift any cinder blocks. Sneaky or genius. We called his friend Tony and made Statt come clean. Read More »

The Strangest, Funniest Things At A Garage Sale

Happy Write A Song Wednesday! This morning we wanted to know this….. What’s the craziest, funniest or best thing you’ve ever found at a garage sale? Then the B-105 House Band took your answers and made a song. Here it is. Read More »