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If You Drive In Ohio You’ll Want to Hear What John Matarese Has To Say

As of July 2, 2018, Ohio BMV deputy registrar offices will no longer be allowed to print a driver’s license while you wait. For added security reasons, it will become a two-step process: You will first go to your local BMV to sign up for a renewal, take a quick eye test and have your (usually awful) photo taken. But ... Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Gaming Chair

“It was your Ex’s chair, so you are single huh?” And stick around for a special Ghostbusters edition of Chelsie’s College of Hollywood Knowledge FRIDAY 06/08 THE GHOSTBUSTERS 34TH BIRTHDAY EDITION 1) WHAT ITEMS FRIED ON THE COUNTER TOP OF DANA BARRETT’S KITCHEN? (EGGS) 2) IN HER PAST LIFE, WHAT WAS THE OCCUPATION OF THE FIRST GHOST THEY ENCOUNTER IN ... Read More »

Did Chelsie Get Her 700th Win?

Did Win # 700 happen today in Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge? When she does get her 700th win we have a bag of 700 things that will fall on her. Read More »

Your Pet Pet Peeve Song

It’s National Pet Week. We asked for your pet peeves about your pet. Then the B-105 House Band turned your answers into a song. Stick around after the song are the calls that inspired it. Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Fridge Magnet Hoarder

“I don’t have a hoarding problem! I just have a bunch of magnets from my travels” And stick around after the Hack for today’s Special Mark Wahlberg Edition of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. TUESDAY 06/05 THE MARK WAHLBERG 47TH BIRTHDAY EDITION 1) IN 2012, WAHLBERG HIT BOX OFFICE GOLD IN THIS FILM ABOUT A GROWN MAN WHOSE BEST FRIEND ... Read More »

Birdcage Bought For $60 But Worth $1,600!

StattMan’s Daughter bought a birdcage at the B-105 Worlds Largest Garage Sale for $60. We’ve found out the antique is worth $1,600! We found the original owner and got the history of the cage. But will Jane put a bird in it now that she knows the value? Read More »