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The Ultimate Break-Up Song

We asked “What’s The Worst Break-Up Line That Was Ever Used On You?” Then the B-105 House Band took your answers and made a song. Here is the Ultimate Break-Up Song. Read More »

Big Change Coming to Ohio Drivers’ Licenses John Matarese Explains

As of July 2, 2018, Ohio BMV deputy registrar offices will no longer be allowed to print a driver’s license while you wait. For added security reasons, it will become a two-step process: You will first go to your local BMV to sign up for a renewal, take a quick eye test and have your (usually awful) photo taken. But ... Read More »

She Gave Up Sugar And Now It’s Driving Her Crazy

Toria is getting married in a month and gave up sugar to help get in shape. But she is feeling moody and irritable. She wants to stick to the diet but “Can’t Keep Living Like This” So we asked What Would Scarecrow Do? And we check in to see what’s showing at The Big Bone Lick Double Drive-In. Read More »

StattMan Took On The Hobby Lobby Challenge

A new viral photo trend appears to be wearing on the nerves of some Hobby Lobby employees. People on social media have been sharing pictures of them taking an impromptu photo shoot in the craft store’s plastic flower aisle, with the finished product appearing to look like it was professionally taken in a garden. It’s being called the Hobby Lobby ... Read More »