The Big Dave Show Podcast

We Gave Jason Aldean Menu Item Ideas For His Restaurant

Jason Aldean called into the Big Dave Show this morning. We had so much to talk about because he has a lot going on. Opening a restaurant, new music, launching a summer tour and he’s a new dad to 6 month old Memphis. We had a ton of fun picking out names for the dishes he will serve at his ... Read More »

Turnip The Radio! It’s Time For What Would Scarecrow Do?

His wife wants to plant turnips in their garden. He doesn’t like’em and he doesn’t think she does either. He wants to know how to talk her out of wasting the space in the garden. So we turned to our favorite advice giver and asked, What Would Scarecrow Do? Stick around for the second clip. We played a special “Deadpool ... Read More »

Advice For Grads Put To Music, It’s Write A Song Wednesday!

We got some great advice for the 2018 graduating class. The B-105 House Band took your words of wisdom and turned them into a song. Stick around, after the song is today’s Top Gun Edition of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. Here are the questions from THE TOP GUN EDITION (RELEASED 32 YEARS AGO TODAY) 1) THIS “FOOTLOOSE” SINGER CONTRIBUTED ... Read More »