Phone Hacks

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Wedding Hayride

It Batesville it’s a wedding tradition to go from the church to the reception on a hayride. The bride said she definitely did NOT want a hayride. So we call and tell her “What The Hay Hayrides will be out in front of the church after her ceremony” Chelsie’s Not As Naughty As It Sounds Question Of The Day: 52% ... Read More »

Big Dave Is Not Alone When It Comes To Goofs

Big Dave installed a new blade on his lawnmower last year. He didn’t realize he put the blade on upside-down and mowed all last summer. When getting it serviced last week the shop noticed and left a note on the bill. We found out Big Dave is not alone. And today’s Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge. Read More »