Phone Hacks

Big Dave Phone Hack: The Christmas Music Quiz

Robin says her Mom, Gayle, just LOVES Christmas Music so much that she listens to it all year long! We Phone Hacked her with Johnny Shadow from Hot Hits 109, our fictitious radio station that just changed to all Christmas Music!   Read More »

We Phone Hacked our Boss for Boss’s Day!

Our General Manager, Mike Fredrick, is terrified of speaking in public. So, naturally,  we called him up and told him that the Country Music Association wants him to give a three minute speech after accepting B-105’s CMA for Large Market Radio Station of the Year. He totally bought it…. Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack on the 20’s: Pony Keg From The Party Pantry

“Is this the Party Pantry with the Pony Kegs or did that go out of Bidness? And stick around for a special Bill Murray Edition of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge FRIDAY 09/21 THE BILL MURRAY 68TH BIRTHDAY EDITION. NAME THE CHARACTERS HE PLAYED OR VOICED IN THESE MOVIES… 1) GARFIELD: THE MOVIE? (GARFIELD) 2) GHOSTBUSTER? (DR. PETER VENKMAN) 3) ... Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: Calling Back A Missed Call

“I’d appreciate if you’d stop calling me and remove me from your list!” And stick around for Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge THURSDAY 09/20 1) THE PUDDY TAT IN THE SAYING “I TAWT I TAW A PUDDY TAT” IS TURNING 77 TODAY AS HE MADE HIS LOONEY TOONS DEBUT ON THIS DATE IN 1941. WHAT IS HIS NAME? (SYLVESTER) 2) ... Read More »