Big Dave Show

Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: I Got Your Old Phone

“I just bought a refurbished phone, it must be yours because they didn’t erase your photos, contact info or facebook account” Chelsie’s Not As Naughty As It Sounds Question Of The Day: This Is The Key To A Happy Marriage? What do you think it is? Read More »

Who Is “Big Daves Biggest Fan”

We all filled out a bracket in our company office pool for the NCAA Tournament. While checking to see how we are doing in the tournament we found out someone named their team “Big Dave’s Biggest Fan” We called H.R. to find out who is “Big Dave’s Biggest Fan”? Read More »

B-105 Salute 3/26/18

The pre-school class at All Saints Catholic Academy did the cutest salute to the troops today. Every weekday morning at 5:50 and 8:50, a Tri-State class, group or organization will salute our military by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s simple to do, too! Just make a recording on your cell phone of the following… “Hi, this is (your name), ... Read More »

Who Stole The Hostess Ding Dongs? Scarecrow Is On The Case

He buy’s the Ding Dongs and she complains. They keep disappearing from the box but he’s not eating them. Is she eating the one thing he’s not aloud to buy? We ask What Would Scarecro Do to try and get to the bottom of this mystery. And we call the Big Bone Lick Double Drive-In! Read More »