Big Dave Show

What Would Scarecrow Do? How To Lose Weight

Our co-worker Jennifer has been eating healthy, working out and doing everything she can to lose weight.  The weight was falling off for the first few months but now she is struggling to get to her goal.  So we had her ask our favorite advice giver “What Would Scarecrow Do” Read More »

Write A Song Wednesday “Spring Cleaning”

We all need to do some spring cleaning.  We figured we’d create a song to help motivate you to clean your house.  We took your calls and comments and The B-105 House Band turned them into a song.  Here is “Spring Cleaning” Read More »

Are We Being Hustled By Our H.R. Department?

We all filled out a college bracket and who ever gets the most right wins the office pool.  Nicole in H.R. is keeping track of the standings and what do ya know, she’s winning.  Is it rigged?  She came on the Big Dave Show to explain. Read More »

Breaking Down College Basketball With Brad-Ketology

Chelsie’s husband Brad is a college basketball super-fan.  He helped Chelsie fill out her tournament bracket and she isn’t doing well in our company pool.  We called to see how his bracket is doing after UK lost.  We call it Brad-Ketology. Read More »

What Would Scarecrow Do? Update: He Always Wears A Hat

Our co-worker Ann is dating a guy who always wears a hat.  Last time we checked in, she had never seen him without a hat on. Ann wasn’t sure what to do.  So we had her ask our favorite advice-giver “What Would Scarecrow Do?” (Click here to listen to Ann’s first visit) Ann took Scarecrow’s advice and now we know ... Read More »