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B105 Salute 2/15/17

Yee-haw! The Eldorado Horse & Pony 4-H Club in Dearborn County put a little giddy up to today’s salute to the troops. Every weekday morning at 5:50 and 8:50, a Tri-State class, group or organization will salute our military by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s simple to do, too! Just make a recording on your cell phone of the following… “Hi, ... Read More »

John Matarese Saving On Valentine’s Day

GREAT VALENTINES DAY RESTAURANT DEALS Valentine’s Day is Tuesday and restaurants are rolling out all sorts of special deals. If you were hoping for free meals, you might be disappointed. But you will find some nice discounts and specials. Most talked-about deal The most-talked about Valentines’s Deal this year is not one most people would want to take a date on. ... Read More »

Our Friend Kaliegh Reviews “Fifty Shades Darker”

With so many mixed reviews coming out about the movie ‘Fifty Shades Darker’.  We wanted to hear from a real person who saw the movie.  Our pal from DHL Kaliegh went to the B105 advanced screening of the movie.  Here is her review.   Read More »