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Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: St. Patty’s Day Green Cheese

“I have seen green noodles, green ham and I am looking for Green Cheese” It’s a new Big Dave Phone Hack On The 20’s: St. Patty’s Day Green Cheese. And StattMan attempted to eat 64 chicken wings from Belterra Park in honor of the 64 teams in the basketball tournament. Here is how it ended…. Read More »

Boogley Berry Pie For Pi Day 3.14

We once did a Big Dave Phone Hack On Jimmy over at Graeter’s. We ordered a made-up pie called a Boogley Berry. Well check it out for your self below. Tim and Jimmy stopped by today to celebrate Pi Day with a real Boogley Berry Pie! Read More »

Is The Savings At Costco Worth It? John Matarese Investigated

With Sam’s Club closing stores all over the country, many rival Costco stores are seeing a surge in memberships so far in 2018. If you’re deciding whether Costco is worth it (whether or not your Sam’s club has closed), you might want to know about some products shoppers and Consumer Reports magazines are raving about.   Click here for John’s ... Read More »

Going On Vacation With Someone You Can’t Stand

Have you ever had to go on a trip with someone you just don’t like? So how do you survive the vacation? We turned to our favorite advice giver and asked “What Would Scarecrow Do? And Chelsie’s Not As Naughty As It Sounds Question Of The Day: 70% Of Women Admit To Hiding This From Their Husbands? Read More »